When you want prompt and honest service, think Hamco X-Ray.

Hamco X-Ray, Inc. can provide you with the highest quality private label film. This film can be purchased in any size and speed that you currently use such as green, half speed blue, blue, and duplicating film.

We would also assist you in developing the proper combination of film speed, proper screens and cassettes that will enable you to get the clarity and depth you need to make a precise diagnosis. We can assist you in developing the correct technique affording a pristine image.

Hamco X-Ray can ship the film directly to your office or our engineers can supply the film when they visit to perform your monthly preventative maintenance on your processor. This alleviates your staff from having to stop and place an order. You may place an order by calling our office at (513)829-1200 or via e- mail or you may also fax your order to (513)829-3000.

Hamco X-Ray, Inc. uses premium chemistry exclusively. This chemistry is delivered to your office in sealed containers and only then opened and mixed to place in your equipment. This gives you the added assurance that it will not have unnecessary additives or debris. Debris in the chemistry eventually invades the pumps or can collect on rollers causing artifacts on your film.

Our engineers will occasionally run systems cleaners through your film system to provide quality assurance. These special chemicals dislodge hard sediment that cannot be removed through a standard preventative maintenance cleaning and can collect on rollers and in tanks.

We can provide you with screen cleaner to make sure that your screens are kept in good condition and you get optimum longevity from each screen.

Need new or used equipment? Hamco X-Ray, Inc. can provide you with estimates for either new, used processors, x-ray rooms or a state of the art digital system.

Processors: If you are in the market for a used or refurbished processor we can fit your clinic with an automatic processor that will meet your needs based upon current volume usage and future projections. We carry several manufacturers. If you prefer a new processor we can also give you a quote and set up a time for delivery and installation. We sell several manufacturer brands and can outfit your office with something in your price and volume range.